Credit Insurance Scheme


Credit Insurance Scheme

Prior risk assessment: the credit channel will comprehensively assess the buyer's risk status and give risk suggestions from the aspects of registration information, business conditions, management conditions, payment records, bank information, litigation records, mortgage guarantee records, financial information, etc., which is a comprehensive and objective assessment of the buyer's short-term debt paying ability and payment willingness.


Ex post risk protection: Credit insurance can help customers effectively reduce the loss caused by commercial and political risks. The maximum compensation ratio of short/medium term export credit insurance can reach more than 80%, which greatly weakens the risk of "credit sale" export.


Credit insurance + bank financing: After the enterprise takes out credit insurance and transfers the indemnity rights and interests to the bank, the credit rating of the enterprise will be improved due to the insurance protection, thus helping the bank to confirm that the financing risk is controllable and grant loans to the enterprise; In the event of any loss within the scope of insurance, Sinosure will pay the full amount directly to the financing bank in accordance with the provisions of the policy. With the help of financing, you can solve the problem of long-term credit sale capital occupied, speed up the capital turnover.