Export Services


Export Services

I. Customs Clearance: The process is simplified and the customs clearance is fast.

Declaration of export business at the customs of ports throughout the country;
1) Direct connection port of customs and commodity inspection, efficient customs clearance and inspection;
2) Professional team to review and prepare documents;
3) Professional classification service.

2. Foreign Exchange: Safe and efficient, low cost, fast settlement Help you complete the export international settlement business;

1) A comprehensive foreign trade platform supported by several banks;
2) Realize simultaneous foreign exchange collection at home and abroad, safe and fast.

3. Tax refund: compliance application will arrive in 3 days at the soonest

Assist you to quickly comply with the tax refund;
1) The documents are complete and the payment will arrive in 3 working days at the earliest;
2) No limit on the amount, no limit on the singular number, for small and medium-sized enterprises to revitalize funds.