Djibouti Exhibition Hall

Liaocheng has a solid industrial foundation and a complete industrial system. It has 31 of the 41 industrial categories listed in the national statistics.


The manufacturing industry is the foundation and potential of Liaocheng's development. It gives full play to Liaocheng's industrial advantages and the advantages of integrating port resources to attract investment, builds an all-round cooperation mechanism, jointly builds the Liaocheng Product distribution Center of Djibouti and the online and offline exhibition center of cross-border e-commerce products of "Made in Liaocheng" in Djibouti, helps Liaocheng's products go overseas, and makes full use of the policy opportunities of cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouse. To accelerate Liaocheng products to seize the African market.


The Djibouti Free Trade Zone "Made in Liaocheng" cross-border e-commerce exhibition center has achieved initial results. Since the signing of the cooperation framework agreement, China Merchants Port Group Djibouti Company has worked closely with Liaocheng Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion. Through active promotion, the project has finally been implemented.


The exhibition center project will establish a platform and window for Liaocheng enterprises, combining cross-border e-commerce business and online and offline linkage mode of DJimart e-commerce platform, with the mode of "cross-border e-commerce + exhibition before warehouse", with the help of mature international marketing network, to help enterprises successfully borrow warehouse to go to sea, thus opening a new era of trade cooperation between Liaocheng and Africa.