Financial Service

Febate Financing

After the goods were exported, Shandong Limotong received all the documents necessary for handling export tax rebate, and without receiving the tax rebate allocated by the State Administration of Taxation, Shandong Limotong paid 100% of the export tax rebate to the entrusting party on its own, so as to solve the problem of difficult capital turnover caused by the long cycle of applying for export tax rebate.


Operation Process of Export Tax Rebate Financing

Process 1:

It is applicable to the export business of Shandong Limaotong Logistics or Shandong Limaotong customs declaration for goods

Note: The entrusting party only needs to submit the original purchase contract with official seal and the accurate VAT special invoice to handle the tax refund

Process 2:

Applicable to export business except Process 1

Note: In addition to the materials to be submitted in "Process 1", the entrusting party shall also provide the original copy of the tax refund form for export goods declaration


Other instructions

1. Product advantages:

① The financing amount and order quantity are unlimited;

② After the conditions are met, the export tax refund can be received within 3 working days at the earliest, which effectively improves the financial situation of the entrusting party;

③ The operation process is simple. To transform foreign trade into domestic trade, there is no need to go through a long tax review period and complicated tax refund pledge loan application procedures;

④ The application threshold is low. All products, ports and invoicing units that do not involve tax sensitivity can apply.

Forward Foreign Exchange Hedging

The forward foreign exchange hedging service refers to the agreement on the foreign currency currency, amount, exchange rate and delivery date of the future settlement or sale of foreign exchange, so as to lock the client's profits in advance and reduce the losses caused by the change of exchange rate.

  • 1. Product advantages:

    ① Lock in profits in advance to avoid losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations;

    ② Low threshold hedging: the starting point of a single amount is only USD 50000 (the amount of foreign currency locked is an integral multiple of 10000);

    ③ No service charge.

  • 2. Deposit:

    Bank deposit=foreign currency locking * forward foreign exchange locking rate * 5%.

  • 3. Other provisions:

    ① When applying for forward foreign exchange hedging, only "selective delivery" can be selected, which means delivery within an agreed period of time;

    ② One foreign exchange collection or payment cannot correspond to two foreign exchange lock agreements at the same time. In principle, partial delivery is not allowed, that is, a single foreign exchange lock must be delivered at one time.