From December 18 to December 23, 2023, the “Foreign Trade Knowledge Training Class” (the first phase), sponsored by Dongchang College of Liaocheng University and Shandong Limao Tong Cross-border e-commerce and foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform, and co-organized by Liaocheng Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, has successfully concluded.

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More than 50 senior students from the Foreign Language Department of Dongchang College of Liaocheng University participated in this training. During the training process, well-known experts in the foreign trade industry and enterprise practical experts actively interacted with students through experience sharing, case analysis, group discussion, practical training and other ways. Vivid lectures on quick customs clearance skills, customs declaration and inspection, overseas customer development and maintenance, export credit and insurance, cross-border e-commerce platforms and live streaming, RMB exchange rate trend, risk aversion strategies and export tax rebates, etc., and on-site answers to students’ questions encountered in the course, this training has improved students’ practical operation ability of foreign trade business. Help the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises in Liaocheng City and the high-quality development of export-oriented economy.
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At the end of the activity, in order to test the learning results of the participating students, a quiz was organized. The quiz was conducted in the form of paper papers, covering the basic concepts of international trade, international trade terms, international trade settlement methods, basic knowledge of cross-border e-commerce platforms, transaction negotiation and price accounting. In the process of answering the question, the participants raced against time, actively invested, seriously answered, with a solid learning foundation, excellent theoretical literacy and good competitive spirit, to create a “competition to promote learning, learning to promote application”
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A good atmosphere. The participating students said that the training learned the current economic situation and foreign trade practice, had a deeper understanding of foreign trade policies and the current development trend of the international market, and learned valuable experience and methods for engaging in foreign trade industry and developing international markets in the future.
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At the graduation ceremony, more than ten outstanding foreign trade enterprises in our city, such as Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Service Co., LTD., Liaocheng Shanshi Maier Musical Instrument Co., LTD., Liaocheng Julong Laser Equipment Co., LTD., Shandong Guolian Industry and Trade Development Group Co., LTD., were introduced on the company’s operating status, development scale, recruitment needs, etc., which received unanimous praise and favor from students. It is understood that more than ten students have reached internship and employment agreements with enterprises at the event site, and the next step will be completed in an orderly manner in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.
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After this training and competition, the participants performed well and obtained the “2023 Liaocheng College students’ Pre-employment training Course completion Certificate”. Five students achieved outstanding results and won the “2023 Liaocheng College Students Pre-employment Training Class Outstanding Students”.

Through this training, on-site interaction and satisfaction feedback, it has been highly recognized by the school, participating students and promoting enterprises. Next, the park will also actively summarize experience, continue to base on the needs of enterprises, and constantly optimize the service mode, through online and offline training, field visits and “one-to-one” service combination, multi-channel, all-round service enterprises, to better provide business support and service guarantee for foreign trade enterprises in our city.

Post time: Dec-26-2023